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About Us

We’re Dave & Austyn, a father-daughter team aiming to create dynamic, personal stories.

Who says compelling video design needs to come from impersonal Fortune 500 companies? Great design comes from the hearts of passionate people. We approach our work with personality and have a healthy disdain for administrative baloney. With us, you won’t find layers of bureaucracy but a small and personable team striving to create inspiring visuals to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

For us, every customer and every order counts. Our ability to delight you is first and foremost in our minds because we know that repeat business is only earned by offering solid value. The proceeds from each purchase don’t pay a faceless group investors. They directly help us to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. Your financial support helps us pay for college, medical bills, household expenses as well as fund the many new video designs that we release each and every month.

austynAustyn (Daughter)

Austyn is a recent newlywed who is passionate about her new husband, videography and visual design. She is the creative inspiration who challenges us all to communicate with passion and authenticity. With Austyn’s support, our small but growing team works hard to deliver your videos on-time and to your satisfaction. Through your financial support, our team can produce new videos and Austin will extend her collegiate studies in multimedia design and animation.

Austyn’s hobbies include photo-editing, animation, videography, dancing and Anime.

Dave (Father)


“I’m not sure what’s more expensive… having three college-age kids or fighting cancer.” – Dave

Dave is a three-time “cancer” survivor, has been married to his wife, Kathie, for 25 years, and is the father to three college-age kids. Dave has been leading eCommerce teams for the last 24 years. He got his start in the .COM space with Amazon back when they had a dozen employees. When not working is day job, Dave assists his daughter Austyn with the technical support for Call2Action.

Dave’s hobbies include golf, softball, video games and fine coffee (not necessarily in that order). Feel free to connect with Dave on LinkedIn .


We are sometimes asked, “Why are your caricatures wearing lab coats? Are you doctors or something?” While our mothers probably wish we were doctors, we wear lab coats to remind ourselves that we need to approach studying human behavior as scientists do.  At the end of the day, it’s all about about understanding how people interact with our designs. We need to be faithful observers to what works and what does not. When we enter our creative laboratory to study human behavior, it needs to be done with an unbiased perspective based on tangible measurements. In the end, it’s not about us (and it might not even be about you). It’s about helping you engage your clients in a thoughtful, authentic, personal manner that achieves your objectives.

We’re not corporate; we’re just Dave & Austyn. We trust that our personalized approach to directly support you is a welcome change. Nothing is worse that traveling a journey alone. Let’s collaborate together and build a long-lasting friendship. We’d love to hear back from you. For us, it’s the personal relationships that really matter.

Austyn & Dave





P.S. We’re passionate about our charities. Check them out, or better yet, join us in supporting them.