Video Template Round-up for April 2018


Hello Call2Actioniers!

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start having some fun (if you aren’t already).

Austyn and our creative design team have released the newest batches of designs and they look awesome (says the proud dad).

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Top 10 Secrets Marketers Can Learn From Vloggers

top 10 secrets marketers can learn from vlogging

With the exponential growth of video and social engagement, Vlogging and life-sharing is skyrocketing. Business owners and marketing managers can learn a lot from the engagement tactics every successful blogger uses. Here are the top 10 secret tips vloggers don’t want you to know.

But first, what is vlogging?

Vlogging is short for video blogging. Vlogs are a visual form of blogs, usually watched on YouTube. Vlogs are typically shared through social media channels more than conventional blogs due to their highly-engaging and easy-to-view style.

As video content continues to grow, we’re sharing with you the TOP 10 secrets from the vlogging world, so listen up!

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Promoting Attorneys: This Well Should Be Against the Law

promoting attorneys

Hello Call2Actioniers!

Today let’s discuss creating content for specific industries. Many people have requested information on topics such as divorce lawyers, freelance attorneys, and property law specialists.

ideaWhile this specific tutorial deal with the legal profession, the process is the same for virtually any niche.

After combing through hundreds of templates, I’ve compiled the most important tips for creating content on Attorneys & the Law.

Legal content may conjure images of dull colors and boring videos, but it doesn’t have to!

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Video Trends in 2018


Hey there. So this video thing, it’s getting all sorts of crazy. Isn’t it? Let’s look at some quick numbers. In 2018 over 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. Of those who aren’t over 70% are planning to start in 2018. And consumers, well they love video to. 76% of consumers would rather use video to learn about a product or service. Video usage trends are increasing at 21% annually.

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Video Marketing Statistics in 2018

video marketing

As we start the new year, let’s look ahead at what the next 12 months might hold for video marketing.

In December 2017, a survey of 570 unique respondents—both marketing professionals and online consumers— painted a picture of the future of video marketing. The survey categorized respondents as either marketers or consumers to ensure they were only prompted to answer relevant questions.

So what were the big takeaways?

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Video Marketing Stats Your Business Needs to Know in 2018

Marketing intelligence doesn’t need to be lengthy in order to actionable. Here are the seventeen most relevant marketing stats you need to be aware of in 2018.

  1. By 2019, 80% of all global consumer internet traffic will be video-based content (Source: SmallBizTrends)
  2. Everyday, 8 billion video views occur on Facebook (Source: Social Media Today)
  3. Video viewing on mobile devices rises 100% annually according to YouTube (Source: Hubspot)
  4. 55% of people watch videos online daily (Source: Digital Information World)
  5. marketing strategies92% of consumers who watch video on mobile devices share those videos (Source: RendrFx)
  6. 90% of consumers state that videos help their decision-making process for a product (Source: Hubspot)
  7. People share videos 1200% more than text and image combined (Source: SmallBizTrends)
  8. Facebook videos reach 135% more consumers than static photo posts (Source: Social Media Today)
  9. The inclusion of a video on a homepage can increase conversion rates by 80% (Source: Unbounce)
  10. 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product online after viewing a video related to the product (Source: Hubspot)
  11. Companies enjoy 41% more web traffic when they use video than when they do not (Source: SmallBizTrends)
  12. 59% of top executives prefer to watch video if they have a choice between video and text (Source: Digital Information World)
  13. Live social video engages audiences more than prerecorded video. Audiences will spend 3 times as long watching live video. (Source: Social Media Today)
  14. Click-through rates increase 200-300% when videos are attached in emails (Source: Hubspot)
  15. According to users, the most efficient video content includes: Customer testimonials (51%); Tutorial videos (50%); Demonstration videos (49%) (Source: Curata)
  16. 80% of users remember a video advertisement they watched in the last month (Source: Hubspot)
  17. 67% of marketers stated video marketing is a somewhat successful marketing approach (Source: Digital Information World)

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Video Template Round-up for December 2017

Christmas Roundup 2018

Hello Call2Actioniers!

We cannot believe it’s already 2018! We have so much for this year we’re about to burst! But let’s take a moment to look back at our fun and productive December.

From Christmas Live Actions to tiny tornadoes, the sheer number of our December releases impressed us almost as much as the quality!


‘Christmas Window Frost’

Our Nashville offices raved about our Live Action team after receiving the Christmas template cuts!

The new template is festive and friendly, appropriate for everyone. It can work for so many industries throughout the season. Our clients sent it to family, clients, and friends!

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