Forest Floor Photos


This lush green grass helps to your favorite memories or make your photo portfolio POP back to life.


This lush green grass helps to your favorite memories or make your photo portfolio POP back to life. For best results, crop your images to 18:13 ratio before uploading. Recommended resolution: 2048 x 1482 px

Video Specs:

  • 21 seconds
  • Full HD video (1920 x 1080)
  • Media Format: .MP4

Customer Gallery:

Recommended Uses:

    • Perfect for anyone wanting to display their favorite memories from the year or a photographer trying to display their portfolio to attract clients. /ul>

Required Inputs You Need To Provide:

You will need to provide the following once this video is purchased:

      1. Image #1
      2. Image #2
      3. Image #3
      4. Image #4
      5. Image #5

Background Audio:
You can choose, if you want, to have the video rendered with an audio file that is perfectly synced with the video’s animation or motion graphics.

Tips For Increasing Quality:
We want you to receive the highest quality video that you can, because it’s an extension of us. If your brand looks great, we feel great. If you submit a low quality logo, there?s not much we can do to improve that. Please consult our help guide Tips to Increase the Quality of Your Videos.

Time to Produce:

The average turn-around time for processing a video, once we have received the above assets, is 3 business days. While that processing time can sometimes be less, it will vary based on the number of orders in our production queue.

Fulfillment Steps:

The following is a short summary of what to expect once your order has been placed. For more detailed information, please consult our Fulfillment Process or our FAQs.

      1. Complete purchase
      2. Receive Fulfillment Instructions Email
        • Includes instructions on how to submit assets (images, text, etc)
        • Access to a google share drive so we can freely exchange deliverables
      3. Client submits requested assets to us
      4. Call2Action staff delivers completed video
      5. Client can accept delivery or request 1 additional change (alter text or replace out images)
      6. Call2Action staff delivers completed video
      7. Happy client provides feedback on their experience

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us.


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