Promoting Attorneys: This Well Should Be Against the Law

promoting attorneys

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Today let’s discuss creating content for specific industries. Many people have requested information on topics such as divorce lawyers, freelance attorneys, and property law specialists.

ideaWhile this specific tutorial deal with the legal profession, the process is the same for virtually any niche.

After combing through hundreds of templates, I’ve compiled the most important tips for creating content on Attorneys & the Law.

Legal content may conjure images of dull colors and boring videos, but it doesn’t have to!

Sure, blacks and whites give a steady and composed feel. They’re safe and temperate. But pops of colors also have their place in serious films. Blue, for example, inspires tranquility, whereas red can depict power. While purple reflects loyalty, green will inspire feelings of new beginnings and wealth.

color palette

Avoid cartoonish or silly fonts—stick with snappy and classic text.

I included a variety of templates as examples. There aren’t many restrictions here.

Cube Fracture

Corporate Blinds Slideshow

App Developer


The Final Video


The Process

In this video, I wanted to tell a specific story. The story takes the viewer on a journey. To do this, I used the three templates to represent three ways to engage with the audience.

First, I wanted to empathize with the viewer and demonstrate the emotional consequences of accidents, or other tragedies and unfortunate events. I started Cube Fracture with these feelings of helplessness and melancholy. I created a connection with the viewer based on emotion.

After asking the pertinent questions, the viewers are more likely to give their attention to the second template. I answered the FAQ’s in advance. This means the viewer never has any doubt in how the firm will be able to help them. The viewer understands the firm’s accessibility and service capacity. By answering these questions, I built confidence in the firm I was advertising.

Finally, I tell the viewer exactly how to contact the firm. An essential part of bonding with viewers and creating prospective clients is by making their journey as a user easier.

They should be able go from video to webpage or app without issues. The process of contacting your service needs to be smooth, fast, and simple.


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